About Colin Hobbs

20120207-145410Thanks for checking me out. Here’s who I am and what makes me tick…

The boring stuff first– Born in California in 1989 and educated to University level. Been writing for almost five years and prefer to write romantic stories, but now writing only erotica stories. I love writing Long Stories and Preferably in Series which give me ample space for setting a good plot and character description for the story.

Now the Interesting bits – Never married and no children which gives me plenty of time to enjoy my life and travel to other countries. Like to spend time with one of my elder sisters at her home in California USA and then move over to my younger sister’s place in Manchester, UK. I’m a self confessed sex freak. My own special fantasy centres around Love and Sex, that’s why I like to write about it so much.

When I start a new book I either base it on personal or a friend’s experience or by watching xxx movies. I prefer to write at nights when it’s quiet and I can concentrate without any disturbance. Mostly I write just wearing my undies, it helps my mood.

Thanks again for visiting my author page. If you like any of my books please leave a kind review so others may enjoy it too. If you don’t enjoy it kindly take two minutes to email me and tell me why as I’m always trying to learn and improve my style to please my readers: In fact whether you liked or disliked my stories any feedback and email would be very very welcome, or if you just want to talk about anything to do with my work I will always find time to reply .

You can email me at : colinhobbs24@gmail.com

Connect with me at Twitter: @IncestAuthor