Dad, Daughter and her 3 Friends – A Perfect Harem – 3


Series Overview:
Frank lives a good Life although a little lonely at times after getting divorced. A call from his daughter changes his life forever. This is an amazing story of sharing of love, friendship and sexually.

Main Scenes in Third (Final) Part are:
• Trish finally gets closer to her old man, Frank on the deck but couldn’t have him.
• Barb talks out her story how she fucked her father and brother giving some confidence to Trish for getting her more close to Frank.
• Frank, Sue and Trish go on for a moonlit walk down the beach and a three way relationship started.
• Janet and Barb have their fantasy of gangbanged fulfilled.
• Finally Frank had her Daughter’s Pussy.

Last Paragraph of the story:
I know because I was there. You see, I am Trish. My friends left the next day and Sue and I set out to make Daddy happy. That was 10 years ago. I think we succeeded, as he always seems content. It took Sue about a year and a half to wear him down to make a commitment but he finally proposed and they married two years after meeting. They have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, who love their father and Aunt Trish very much. What about me you ask? Well Daddy could not very well give Sue something he didn’t give me. I also have two beautiful children who love their father and Aunt Sue.
They have the most wonderful Dad in the world. I know, because he’s my dad, too.

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