Dad, Daughter and her 3 Friends – A Perfect Harem – 2


Series Overview:
Frank lives a good Life although a little lonely at times after getting divorced. A call from his daughter changes his life forever. This is an amazing story of sharing of love, friendship and sexually.
Main Scenes of First Part were:
Frank got Divorced. He now lives near beach and have a good Life although a little lonely at times. One Day he gets a call from his Daughter, Trish saying that she wanted to come visit him after graduation week and bring her 3 more friends along for two weeks. Once they were all together at Frank’s Home he realized that he have to behave himself with all this young flesh running around and have to do something to keep from walking around the house with a 24 hr hardon. After sometime, all girls together went for the beach and Sue gets sunburned. Trish’s Father used a Salve for fast and better relief from the pain. As Story Reveals Sue gives her Virginity to Frank with full permission of Trish. Sue starts to sleep with Frank comfortably in his room. Secretly Trish and other girls develop a craving for Frank.
Main Scenes in Second Part are:
• Sue gets a most wonderful wake up of her life.
• Trish decides to take a step forward and goes in shower with Frank.
• Barb and Janet gets hand on the old man, Frank – Lots of Teasing and Passionate Sex.
• Sue and Trish get a job and are going to live in with Frank.
• Small scene at a used car lot.
• Sue and Trish leave to bring back their stuff, leaving behind Barb and Janet with Frank. A whole new set of Fantasy and Sex continued among Frank, Barb and Janet.
• Janet gets her Golden Shower Fantasy fulfilled.
• Barb gets a good fuck in her sleep.
• Sue and Trish come back from their trip and decide the sleeping arrangement in the house.

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Main Scenes in Third (Final) Part are:
• Trish finally gets closer to her old man, Frank on the deck but couldn’t have him.
• Barb talks out her story how she fucked her father and brother giving some confidence to Trish for getting her more close to Frank.
• Frank, Sue and Trish go on for a moonlit walk down the beach and a three way relationship started.
• Janet and Barb have their fantasy of gangbanged fulfilled.
• Finally Frank had her Daughter’s Pussy.

Last Paragraph of the story:
I know because I was there. You see, I am Trish. My friends left the next day and Sue and I set out to make Daddy happy. That was 10 years ago. I think we succeeded, as he always seems content. It took Sue about a year and a half to wear him down to make a commitment but he finally proposed and they married two years after meeting. They have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, who love their father and Aunt Trish very much. What about me you ask? Well Daddy could not very well give Sue something he didn’t give me. I also have two beautiful children who love their father and Aunt Sue.
They have the most wonderful Dad in the world. I know, because he’s my dad, too.

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